With a vision to improve industrial process efficiency with RFID, Modralog and Vilant specialize in turn-key RFID information systems for manufacturing and logistics companies and are one of the rare suppliers that are able to provide the entire RFID system package.

We provide a comprehensive offering that includes RFID software, RFID hardware and related services such as process and system consulting, implementation and integration to customer ERP, installation and ramp-up and 24/7 support. Modralog, as part of the global partner network, always seeks the best solution for our customers. All our solutions have a clear commitment to quick ROI for our clients. With exceptionally high business ethics, we don’t accept projects that won’t bring benefits for the customer. We take the full responsibility of the entire implementation project offering the customer a single point of contact.

As one of the leading suppliers in Europe, Vilant has delivered installations to 600 different sites in 30 countries. Vilant’s client profile includes large companies such as Nokia, ABB, Volvo and STX Europe that have all received great benefits from RFID through improved visibility and more efficient material flow in the supply chain.

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A single point of control




We provide complete RFID solutions for Asset Tracking, Rail, Pulp and Paper and Supply Chain Management. We take full responsibility for the entire implementation of a project offering the customer a single point of contact. The ultimate goal is a fast and efficient implementation of  systems that allow the customer full control and supervision.

One vendor. One responsibility

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems include readers and tags. The tag identifies itself to the reader by sending a unique identification number through a radio link. The RFID reader can read or write data from or to RFID tags using radio signals.

With years of focus in RFID system delivery, we are committed to continuous investment and innovation in our product offering.

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RFID Software Products

Our software connects RFID gates, printers and mobile readers to your back end systems. They offer global control for your logistics process at a low cost of ownership. This is one of the reasons why our software products are in use in hundreds of customer locations.

RFID Software ProductsRFID Software Products

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RFID and Barcode Hardware Products

Together with Vilant we supply hardware from over 40 manufacturers, and we always have more than one alternative for you. We are in favor of modular setups. This will save you money in implementation and maintenance. We deliver proven solutions and welcome challenges caused by harsh production environments.

RFID and Barcode Hardware ProductsRFID and Barcode Hardware ProductsRFID and Barcode Hardware Products

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RFID and Barcode Services

The experienced service team helps you to effectively implement an RFID system into your processes and minimize the risks of project implementation and system maintenance. Our service plan has been refined in over 200 customer implementations. Modular hardware and software allow us to present you quick results. We start compact and scale up as we go.