With years of activity behind us, Modralog, along with our partner Armanni have become leaders in the sector of lift trucks and stackers. The ability to produce lift trucks that can move in confined spaces and in logistic situations that require the utmost versatility is at the heart of our products.

Our customized solutions provide an endless means with which to fully meet your warehousing requirements and logistics needs. All our products are 100% Italian made and are designed to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

We pride ourselves on the ability to not only provide our customers with the standard lifting products they require, but also in finding innovative and versatile solutions to meet new challenges.

We offer a wide range of products with varying lifting capacities and lift heights including everything from manual lift trucks to those that are fully electric, to single or double pantograph lifting tables up to special trucks with specific equipment for moving reels, emptying drums, tilting tanks, and moving particularly bulky or heavy loads.

The new Evoline includes innovative DR Evo drive steering and AC three phase technology traction motors. The new technology allows for:

  • Maintenance free traction motors
  • Controller with Mosfest technology with inverter and microprocessor fault research
  • Regenerative braking with consumption reduction
  • Temperature control of the traction motor

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Evoline Product Range:

  • Counter Balance

  • Fully Customized

  • Lift Tables

  • Pallet Trucks

  • Reel Handling

  • Specialized

  • Stackers

  • Stainless Steel