Innolift is an amazing new freight loader that was designed for Cargo Vans, Sprinter Vans, Ford Transit Connect Vans and other medium and light duty commercial vehicles. The Innolift V3 is equipped with a totally new technology. The new version offers top quality energy efficiency and very comfortable operation.Innolift is the only lift self-loader made that actually lifts itself into the delivery vehicle along with the product it’s loading. It also eliminates the need for Lift Gates, Ramps, Swing Lifts and for carrying separate pallet jacks, carts or dollies.

Available in 4 different full electric models, Innolift can lift loads up to 600 kg as high as 1120 mm. Innolift benefits are;

  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Can lift up to 600kg as high as 1120 mm
  • Can be loaded and unloaded in seconds
  • Using the Innolift eliminates lifting health and safety issues
  • Ease of use helps reduce costs, and improves working conditions Ideal for any small or medium commercial vehicle
  • Suitable for any warehousing environment
  • No operator’slicense required
  • Conforms to all EU required regulations

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IS600.700, Electronically Operated, Capacity 600kg, Lifting Height: 600mm
IM600.800 Electronically Operated, Capacity, 600kg, Lifting Height: 700mm
IL600.900, Electronically Operated, Capacity 600kg, Lifting Height: 900mm
IXL500.125, Electronically Operated, Capacity: 500kg, Lifting Height: 1150mm

INNOLIFT has been tested on deliveries to hospitals, clinics, store fronts, loading docks, warehouses and in many other delivery situations.

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